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Glorious Home Rentals (GHR) Real Estate serves renters in search of luxury properties. We have rented some of the best properties in Manhattan to our clients. Renting a home can be one of the most flexible ways to move into a new area. Whether a job relocation has brought you to a new city, you want to rent an apartment while refurbishing your own home, or you wish to try out a new area before you buy, we have access to all properties for rent in Manhattan.

We can advise on the most suitable places for you to live to fit with your desired commute and lifestyle. Should you decide to rent a property through GHR we would like to make you aware of what charges will apply in Manhattan, as it is practice that the tenant pays 15% of the annual rent. In other states, the practice is different, as landlords pay for this service, usually 10% of the annual rent.

GHR helps people looking to lease or rent residential property in the New York. While we are a full service brokerage, we have amassed significant experience in serving foreign investors, uniquely understanding their concerns about the return on and security of an investment in property. 

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